Inmates of existence

I am not in NYC

and have not been there

for some time.


wish to

plant myself

in a more

vibrant area

for the region I live in

does not offer much

to one of my background

and experience, as

and aspirations

and dreams become

as dead as dust

dust that sits

in an




is lacking

for one

like myself,


The pallid

social landscape

offers only for

the married with children

suburban types,

so it seems,

who’s perceptions


from one like myself.

I spent several years


to eventually leave

while developing

my experience

and professionalism,

and that was

more then 15 years ago.

Being back here

by ways,

it seems,

of not my own design

is crap.

I feel like a displaced

fruitful budding seed

on pavement!

as anyone would.

But perhaps

I can go somewhere,

and contemplate


the vast reservoirs

of uncharted water

of the human mind,

or have chat and chatter

with fellow inmates

of existence.

a not too accurate reference

to Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exist.

I think.

Inmates of existence

may be more in the direction

of a Brecht play,

though these days

I have less verse

in regards to the literary arts,

as six packs

and empty hours

paint my days.

Some people can live

without a partner,

but this factor

may also be

the death of me,


for the fish here

seem few.

Though in general

I have had poor luck

finding girlfriends,

perhaps hawf

because of

standards are

too high,

and half because

I am too shy,

in regards to

desired females.

I really think the

US has too many cars

on the streets

and we should replace

them with tables and chairs  .

From Slovenia and Zagreb

to the cooler climates of

Riga and Warsaw,

that is one aspect

of European culture

would be a welcome

if it migrated here.

I think this would cut down

on greenhouse gas emissions,

don’t you?

..and then there

was my presence

in Poland

and the delights offered

my palate there.

And the beer

in Poland

was too delicious.

Any plans to join

the Olymics in Beijing?

The presence

of the Olympics

in Beijing

seem to be highlighting


pollution problems

more then what

the government

had intended.


letter emailed to Stacy:

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:14:19 -0700
Subject: A seed on the pavement of the sequestered plane

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