ideological feedbags

Cowardly crumpets from the curdled ascribed liberal and conservative doctrines

are infections that lay to waste the mind.

The crowds of this sorry lot plough their paltry prescribed doctrines

in the darkness of the dreary and drab drooling dew of dawn,

while free thinkers sit, discuss and dialogue,

discarding the dribbled denunciations from the cowards

with discursive flouts as they watch their denouncers

flaunt their feeble frothy frowns

in the alleyway’s blistering sunlight,

their sunken pores and dubiously proud petulance

is seen in the daunting aims to put ideological feedbags

around the necks of an unthinking populous,

trained to follow,

while blinded

by the propagated sense of reality

that is the fauxhood

of American democracy.


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