I meet more American women,

who think that they are men, but don’t realize it,

and men who attempt to exhibit some sensitivity

that leaps far beyond the liberalism established

during the enlightenment, such an unrealistic leap

that can only deny one the natural proclivities of species

…our gender.

It is high time that we discard our idealistic flirtation

with androgyny

and return to the traditional gender demeanors,

which guided our forefathers and mothers

through the great depression,

the industrial revolution

and the advent of the sewing machine. 

As I search for my lover amongst the strangers

of this overgrown garden, which we call life,

I shall be keen to keep watch for

the gently placed and arranged flowers,

that have been clipped and watered to perfection,

for there,

beside them,

shall I find a real women,

in all her feminine fragrant.

(taken from a letter by john joseph kehoe)


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