Fresh Fruit

Friday, August 1, 2008 7:12 AM

[excerpt from letter] Subject: A seed on the pavement of the sequestered plane

Thank you for the compliment concerning the writing of my e-mails, though the cadence I once had regarding all activity the keyboard and beyond has been crippled to one extent or another. Perhaps I have a hearing problem if I so missed my calling. What does one do when one misses one’s calling? How about your calling?

Yes, Bloomsbury would be a nice and perhaps perfect meet up place in London, and if I could only get this here I would be satisfied more (coffee sandwich London photo from this blog:

Anyway, the book you mentioned [The dogs and demons of Modern Japan] seems it may be interesting. Thus said, I don’t read much these days, for some reasons that are in the direction the melancholic, but glad that you are finding the written words digestible. My appetite is great but perhaps it’s half environmental and hawf distressed ontological insecurities. How is your ontology? Sounds as if it is good, perhaps all the fresh fruit you are eating. I used to eat mangos in a crazed fashion when the mango season hit in southern Taiwan. Did you know that Tainan County in Taiwan produces over one hundred differing varieties of mangos, all with variations of shape, size, texture, taste and color? See here and here.

I am not in NYC and have not been there for some time. I am still in NYstate, though wish to plant myself in a more vibrant area, like NYC, for the region I live in does not offer one of my background and experience, and aspirations and dreams, much.

Eating, yes, allow me to return to this topic, for a moment. I do agree with your most touted brown rice reference, which is to include other whole grains, I gather.  I miss the diets I had in regions far from the boarders of this so called free democracy. Is American democracy in decline? Well, maybe so, but our food here in the US, be rest assured, is a never ending evolving and synthesizing, from mainstay classics to what our diversity of our migration has brought. Give me falafel or give me death. Falafel photo courtesy from this blog. And if you come to NYC to visit, I can meet you and take you to this great place I used to go to fortify my form with fava bean based protein before going to the cafe for Chinese study. Mamoun’s Falafels are cheap and delicious.

Just 6 short hours from London will get you some Mefa , which was the first dish I ate after arriving in Dakar, Senegal, and as it includes bonnet hot peppers it was a delight for this seasoned hot food enthusiast. The universe should be interpreted as a Cosmic Chilli.



RE: A seed on the pavement of the sequestered plane

Friday, August 1, 2008 7:12 AM

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i just want to say one thing…
I think you might have more luck with the ladies than you imagine! I seem to remember a good looking man with “mad professor” charm that most of the fairer sex would find interesting!!
I always found you captivating.

thanks to my former co-waorker and friend, and to the creative links that have added to my text of e-mail, and the creators of those links.


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