Live Music Tibetan Migrants and Food

Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:19 PM
Subject: Live Music Tibetan Migrants and Food
(letter to old friend)
Went to a place on 2nd street , and knew it was the Fruiti Demire that you used to go to.
Actually when I lived here in 2003 it was still opened as Fruiti Demire, and I remember getting a take home menu. It is now something different.
Saw some awesome music and met a bunch of wonderful people Friday night:All three bands were amazing in the downstairs of Santos Party House. Very intimate space.There was Bubbles (From NYC)

Polarsets (from UK ): ch?v=eMENBKenNmc&feature=r elated;

Cover was only 5 dollars as I was one of the first at the door.

Just met some guys from Tibet . I sat drinking a coffee in one of the many bakeries of Chinatown, and these four men were using a dielect I could not pinpoint but knew it was perhaps beyond Hunan near Sichuan . When I opened a dialogue with them using my mandarin chinese, I simply asked them what part of china they were from, and they said XIZHANG ( Tibet ). Very interesting. They must all live and work in the same place.

My breakfast today in Chinatown : $1
肉包 (roubao) meat bun

My lunch today in Chinatown : $2
蝦餃 (xiajiao) shrimp dumplings

My dinner was $2
酸辣湯 (suanlatang) sweet/sour soup for $1 and 鍋貼 (guotie) pan fry dumpling for $1

Total spent on eating out: $5 three meals. All delicious.

Take Care,