The Beer Glass Shatters (12/27/13)

Shattering the Myth of Craft Beer:

Craft Beer is to beer, what Thomas Moore’s Soul Mates and Chicken Soup for the Soul is to philosophy and metaphysics, or psychology. mfvSFdIVp2HG96E4XJ2__WAmNMMMa6-lLjp_ANH7l721rQ

Craft Beer is to beer, what regarding Guy Fieri, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is to geographical survey through culinary and culture excavation. Fact: He is simply revenue, and repetition.

Craft beer is to the human history of beer making, as astral projection is to serious physics and  psychology.

Expounding on ones understanding of a tapestry consisting of depth and variety within what has become commercially, as well as popularly known as Craft Beer, shows one to be ahistorical in ones cultivation of taste for good beer.

The only astral projection that I am aware of, is the projectile vomit that is induced after my long time friend calls all to do Jägermeister shots, at 3 am, in a Greenwich Village dive. Such astral projections create a tapestry of colorful fluids and a historical record of the days diet, in a partially digested form, I might add, on the pavement of Sullivan or Bleeker.

22558Eastern European Beers,  at a shop in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. images1546449_10151949562853171_1265653877_n