Fractured Time

Which way the wind blow                  the way to the sky

And I have fallen to the ground

Landing on all fours   like the Neanderthal      I desperately search

The found territory for the sweet smell I know best

The smell of the struggle to keep

Keep the day as bright as can be

Keep the particle of peace in the atom of our frustrated time

Keep the sound sweet

Sweet oh so sweet is the advent of summer          shoulders are bare   the hair

The hair is so long and free               out on the street         no work today

find the romance                   the desire            the need      no one calls

for we are grown and have forgotten how to play  and be

Dance the toil          pretend            only pretend             for we are not free

free on the bicycles are the children                      yell

Yell of the glory of brisk new days       to go and play     while the laborer toils

Toil is we        freedom the desire       to         be        we are not

the toil and distraction       of the car   card      paper       our badge

appointment             forgot                     we wear    the forgotten

badge    forgotten is the free  but not the old agonizing trauma     that day in

June      you lost your

sight                             as    we all did   when school

was dismissed



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