A mix of State Mandated Ignorance, and the consumer diet of Advanced Capitalism  has killed me, my family and many I have come to know.


Live Music Tibetan Migrants and Food

Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:19 PM
Subject: Live Music Tibetan Migrants and Food
(letter to old friend)
Went to a place on 2nd street , and knew it was the Fruiti Demire that you used to go to.
Actually when I lived here in 2003 it was still opened as Fruiti Demire, and I remember getting a take home menu. It is now something different.
Saw some awesome music and met a bunch of wonderful people Friday night:All three bands were amazing in the downstairs of Santos Party House. Very intimate space.There was Bubbles (From NYC)

Polarsets (from UK ): ch?v=eMENBKenNmc&feature=r elated;

Cover was only 5 dollars as I was one of the first at the door.

Just met some guys from Tibet . I sat drinking a coffee in one of the many bakeries of Chinatown, and these four men were using a dielect I could not pinpoint but knew it was perhaps beyond Hunan near Sichuan . When I opened a dialogue with them using my mandarin chinese, I simply asked them what part of china they were from, and they said XIZHANG ( Tibet ). Very interesting. They must all live and work in the same place.

My breakfast today in Chinatown : $1
肉包 (roubao) meat bun

My lunch today in Chinatown : $2
蝦餃 (xiajiao) shrimp dumplings

My dinner was $2
酸辣湯 (suanlatang) sweet/sour soup for $1 and 鍋貼 (guotie) pan fry dumpling for $1

Total spent on eating out: $5 three meals. All delicious.

Take Care,


The Beer Glass Shatters (12/27/13)

Shattering the Myth of Craft Beer:

Craft Beer is to beer, what Thomas Moore’s Soul Mates and Chicken Soup for the Soul is to philosophy and metaphysics, or psychology. mfvSFdIVp2HG96E4XJ2__WAmNMMMa6-lLjp_ANH7l721rQ

Craft Beer is to beer, what regarding Guy Fieri, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is to geographical survey through culinary and culture excavation. Fact: He is simply revenue, and repetition.

Craft beer is to the human history of beer making, as astral projection is to serious physics and  psychology.

Expounding on ones understanding of a tapestry consisting of depth and variety within what has become commercially, as well as popularly known as Craft Beer, shows one to be ahistorical in ones cultivation of taste for good beer.

The only astral projection that I am aware of, is the projectile vomit that is induced after my long time friend calls all to do Jägermeister shots, at 3 am, in a Greenwich Village dive. Such astral projections create a tapestry of colorful fluids and a historical record of the days diet, in a partially digested form, I might add, on the pavement of Sullivan or Bleeker.

22558Eastern European Beers,  at a shop in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. images1546449_10151949562853171_1265653877_n

Herald Square and an Arraignment

Marinated egg people have been inhabiting my living room.

This has happened just as Macy shoppers
have taken to freebasing at the Burger King
just below 33rd Street, on 5th.

The new Pope was seen eating tacos at a Titty bar,
not too far from Herald Square, blocks away
from where Obama was escorted out of the
5th floor walk up, after urinating off the roof.

This came to light as Dennis Hopper was
arraigned in Manhattan court after he was caught
in an elevator sodomizing Jesus’s serfs .

The question remains as to why his serfs in the US without a visa.

(compiled from several text messages in a rather rash manner)

Baghdad, a colony to come (2002)

A gentlemen who resides in the block apartment where I live,

and is an MA student of engineering at UCL,

spent the first 12 years of his life in his native Iraq

before his family had moved to Northern England

during the outbreak the Iran-Iraq war.

He speaks of the deep and interesting antiquity

of the Tigris Euphrates region near present day Baghdad,

while giving clues to the cultural practices of the present day occupants.

He has proven himself to be quite knowledgeable

concerning the history of the Ottoman Empire

as well, and is not short on the important points

of the contemporary social and political configurations of the region.

I can only feel of a strong desire to be amongst the people

of this unfortunately politically volatile region

and taste the food and experience such the different climate.

Another intrigue is to witness the devastation

that the UK and American alliance has brought to the people of Iraq,

and further to see the authoritarianism of the Iraqi government and the oppression

caused by the omnipotent authority of its ruler.

I feel that it would be best to visit now before it becomes a colony

of the US,

and designated for ‘Disney in the Desert’.

I have been consulting atlases and books

but I know not where I shall go and perhaps I shall simply return to New York,

where I can find much discontentment and unease.

adapted from a letter to the US,

from London written

and sent August 19, 2002